Top 5 Bus Services in Pakistan | Best 5 Buses

Buses in Pakistan are one of the best way of road transportation for many cities with good passenger carrying capacity. Day by day the bus companies are modernizing their fleet with latest buses, imported from Different bus manufacturers in world like China, Korea and Japan. Some of the buses are being assembled here in Pakistan where the main parts are imported from abroad. Most of these bus operators uses Daewoo, Yutong,KingLong, Volvo and Higer luxury buses.

Top 5 Bus Services in Pakistan | Best 5 Buses

Here is the list of top 5 bus Services in Pakistan.

  1. Faisal Movers
  2. Daewoo Express
  3. Road Master
  4. Niazi Express
  5. Waraich Express

1.Faisal Movers:

The 1st best bus service which is in top 10 bus companies in pakistan is Faisal Movers. Company is known due to multiple service types, affordable fares and 24 hours bus operations. The wide network makes it among the leading transportation service in Pakistan. Faisal Movers is providing its services since 2004, when the service was inaugurated with a single bus and from single route between Sargodha and Multan, but within short span of time it became one of the biggest transport providers in the country with one of the most modern fleet.

Company has more than 350 buses operating nationwide from more than 50 terminals and sub terminals in Sindh, Punjab, KPK and Gilgit Baltistan provinces, touching more than 60 cities and plying on all major highways and motorways of Pakistan. Annually, over 5 million people. It is also the first luxury bus which started route from Islamabad to Hunza, Gilgit via Naran Kaghan, enabling travellers to travel through the mountain with less fares.

Categories & Services:

A feature which differentiates between Faisal Movers and other transportation services is the multiple services such as Standard, Executive and Business Services. The ticket prices & rates are different for these basic and luxurious services.

They have following categories of buses:

  • Standard
  • Executive:
  • Executive Plus
  • Business

Ticket prices are different for all of the categories. For Online Ticket Booking visit You can contact 03111224488 for phone reservations and other informations. You can see complete information of Faisal Movers Bus Service here. Faisal Movers Detailed Overview

Other Services of Faisal Movers:

  • Faisal Movers Cargo (KCS)
  • Faisal Movers Tours
  • Faisal Cottages
  • FM Logistics

2.Daewoo Express

Daewoo Express is the first and the biggest foreign investment Company with an advanced and organized transport system in Pakistan. It is second in the list of top 10 bus companies in Pakistan. Company offers luxury bus service since its interception in late 90,s. It was once considered a bus service for best luxury road experience but with the passage of time there are other bus companies which are far better than daewoo express in many aspects. Daewoo Express Bus Service has More than 350 buses and operates nation wide from more than 80 terminals and sub terminals in Sindh, Punjab, and KPK provinces, touching more than 60 cities and plying on all major highways and motorways of Pakistan.

They have following categories of buses:

  • Economy
  • Luxury
  • Super Luxury
  • Gold Class

Ticket prices are different for all of the categories. For Online Ticket Booking visit  You can contact 03311007008 for phone reservations and other informations. You can see complete information of Daewoo Express Bus Service here. Daewoo Express Detailed Overview

Other Services of Daewoo Express:

  • Daewoo Fastex
  • Daewoo Rooms
  • Daewoo Cab
  • Daewoo Feeder buses

3. Road Master:

With decades of experience in serving people, we have learned that it’s not only the product we sell that matters, but the entire experience.
MASTER is a very successful brand in Pakistan only because of the commitment to their Quality in all the products and services it provides. Now Master has decided to launch a fleet of Luxury Buses for the first time in Pakistan having flexible fares through Hybrid Ticketing Systems. As always we will prove that Master will always be a Master. Road Master is at 4th place in top 10 bus companies of Pakistan.

Features & Services

Road Master bus cruise premium features are:
  • 45 seats on board
  • Personal entertainment console, for every seat, making your journey full of nonstop entertainment.
  • Always stay connected with office, family and friends. The battery will not die with charging sockets provided in every seat
  • Play your favorite games/vidoes/music
You can see complete information of Road Master Bus Service here. Road Master Detailed Overview For Online Booking Visit: or call 111-722-822 for Bookings

4. Niazi Express:

Niazi Express has got its space in top 10 bus companies of Pakistan. It was founded in 1990 and is the largest provider of intercity and urban bus transportation. Serving more than 150 destinations with 1500 daily departures across Pakistan. It has become a Pakistan icon, providing travel to 54 million passengers each year. Niazi Express has two main groups known as Niazi-99 and Niazi-87. They both have services all over the country.

Categories & Services

Niazi Express has very economical services which attracts the customers.

You can see complete information of Niazi Express Bus Service here. Niazi Express Detailed Overview

5. Waraich Express:

Warraich Express is a bus company by Warraich Enterprises, same company which is parent company of STC Tranit.  Warraich Express is serving the nation in transport field since 2005. The company has a time to time upgraded fleet of Air conditioned Luxury – business class public service transport buses – Oil Tankers – Cargo Trailers .The company is serving nationwide in both public service Transport and logistics. The Company has established its stations throughout the county, every day thousands of passengers mark their trust by traveling with us.

Warraich Express has collaobrated some other bus companies such as Bilal Travels and Skyways. You can see complete information of Waraich Express Bus Service here. Waraich Express Detailed Overview

Final Words:

Buses are the main source of transportation in Pakistan. There are multiple luxury and basic bus comapnies in the country which are connecting the nation, some of them are discused above. You can also visit TOP 3 Bus Companies In Pakistan. We hope you liked our article about top 5 bus services in Pakistan, do let us know about your experience on Pakistani buses.

Which bus company is best in Pakistan?

There are many bus companies in Pakistan which offer best services such as Faisal Movers, Daewoo, Waraich, Road Master, Q Connect etc

Which bus service is offering the meaningful fare?

Fares are different for every Bus operators But Faisal Movers and Road Master Gives better fare with best services.

How to book bus tickes in Pakistan?

You can buy bus tickets by online bookings apps such as bookme, bookkaru or you can book your tickets on the call for respective bus company and get your ticket over the counter.

Which is the luxuriest bus from Lahore to Islamabad?

Q Connect is the most expensive and luxury bus on Lahore to Islamabad, there are other good options such as Road Master, Faisal Movers.

Does Pakistan has AC buses on routes?

Yes, Pakistan has luxury imported buses which are being operated by different private companies.

What services are being offered in Pakistani Buses?

There are many bus companies which offers good onboard services such as Onboard attendat, Refreshments, Ofcourse AC and Meals on some buses.

Can we use International Credit/Debit cards for purchasing of bus tickets?

Cards can be used on online booking applications such as bookme or bookkaru. There are ATM available on many bus terminals also.

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