6 Parks in Islamabad to Enjoy With Your Family

6 Parks in Islamabad to Enjoy With Your Family

Islamabad is home to some of the most beautiful parks in the country. If you are looking for a place to take your family for a picnic or an outing, you should definitely check out these parks! They offer something for everyone and are perfect for spending a relaxing day outdoors.

6 Parks in Islamabad to Enjoy With Your Family

Rawal Lake Park

Rawal Lake Park is another popular park in Islamabad. It is located on Rawal Lake and offers stunning views of the city. The park is perfect for a day of fishing or boating, and there are also plenty of walking trails to enjoy.

The Lake at Rawal Lake Park is a popular spot for taking pictures and enjoying the view. The area around this body of water features many blooming trees, confined ways to stroll through them on your way out, or if you’re feeling adventurous there are plenty more spots where one can go hiking from!

Rawal Lake Park is located on the bank of Rawal Lake.

Rose and Jasmine Garden

Rose and Jasmine Garden is another beautiful park in Islamabad. It is home to a variety of flowers, including roses and jasmines, which give the park its name. The garden also has a lot of sculptures and fountains, making it a great place to explore.

IRose and Jasmine Park is perfect for families. It’s such a beautiful garden for families. There are hundreds of different kinds of roses that smell sweet like Jasmine in this area alone! You can also see blossoming flowers such as magnolias while walking around the sanctuary or taking photos by some fountains; all part-of what makes these gardens so special to visit year after year. Every summer they host many festivals including flower shows, where you get an opportunity to show off your creativity using gardening skills while relaxing under tents set up just right outside if weather permits.

This park is located at Srinagar Highway Islamabad.

Shakar parian National Park

Shakar parian National Park is a large park in Islamabad. The Shakar parian National Park is a must-see for any visitor to Pakistan. This beautiful yet underrated park lies in the middle of some dramatically scenic views, and has housed some popular tourist attractions including The Zero Point Monument (a geostationary communications satellite dish) as well as other museums with fascinating exhibits on national culture spanning centuries ago!

This park is located at Islamabad Expressway, Islamabad Capital Territory.

Kachnar Park:

Kachnar Park is a beautiful and peaceful park in Islamabad that offers excellent jogging tracks. It’s perfect for those who want to enjoy their time outdoors while getting some exercise, without any hassle or danger from traffic jams on the roads near by!

It is located at I 8/3, I-8,  Islamabad Capital Territory.


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